We started monofilament fishing net making in 1997, in  short period of time our products demanded so much from  fishing people.  We make orders on time with utmost care and top quality.

Continiung years new investment to state of art technlogoy  meantime resarch nd development , we added new products


These are:

Raschael ( Knotless ) Fishing Nets

Multiflament Fishing Nets

Twisted Yarn

While we increased number of our products by years, fishermn and culture fish ranches preferred our qualtiy  products. Recent years we leads to give best techical fishing nets to fish farms. We are one of the biggest fishing net producer in Turkey. Our products nowadays used proudly all over the World.

Our aim with resarch and development, we continue investment in this field to secure our place now and in the future. We altered quality in our field in Turkey and very glad to add value to our country.